Winter riding

Q: Can I ride the trails in Memorial park during the winter ?

A: Yes! Just be sure to avoid the groomed ski trails and stay off the trails if they are muddy.

The bike trails are not officially groomed, although some get enough bike and/or snow-shoe traffic so they ride like they are groomed. Also, you have park at the bottom and ride up since the park road is closed during the winter.

Please avoid riding on the groomed ski trails. In places where the ski trail and bike trail share space, ride to the very edge of the track.

We ask that you avoid the trails during the transition seasons when temps are above freezing and the trails aren’t covered in snow.

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Get involved !

Did you know the trails on Sorin’s Bluff (Memorial Park) are almost entirely built and maintained by volunteers ? These folks are busy, just like everyone else, but they set aside a little bit of time to help make the trails possible. If you can find time to ride, you can find time to invest in the future of the trails. A good rule of thumb is for every 10 hours you spend riding the trails, consider spending at least 1 hour giving back. You can do that, right ?

How do you get involved ? First, join the bike club or make a donation. By joining, you are investing in us and the work we do to maintain the bike trails.

Second, invest some time to help the club achieve it’s goals. Help with trail work, work one of our events, help us raise money for trail improvement projects, etc. See our calendar link for trail work dates and times.

Click on the contact link on this web site to find out what you can do to get involved and become one of the many volunteers that are stewards of the trails, not just users of the trails.

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