Spring trail riding

As the snow melts, please remember to avoid riding single track until the trails are dry and officially open for business. With some luck and favorable weather, the trails might be ready by the weekend of April 26th.. If you see others riding, take a minute and let them know that riding on wet trails damages them. If the riding bug catches you, take a ride around the prairies or check out some local gravel.

Weekly trail work begins Saturday April 19th at 9:00am in the lower quarry parking lot if the gate is open or at the driving range if its not.

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Get involved !

Did you know the trails on Sorin’s Bluff are almost entirely built and maintained by volunteers ? These folks are busy, just like everyone else, but they set aside a little bit of time to help make the trails possible. We recommend that for every 10 hours you spend riding the trails, you should spend at least 1 hour giving back. How do you get involved ?

First, join the bike club. This will show you are committed to the trails and their future. Click on the link above to join.

Second, show up for trail work. We meet every Saturday morning and occasionally on Monday nights. See the calendar for trail work dates and times.

Follow the contact link on this web page to get involved and become one of the many volunteers that are stewards of the trails, not just users of the trails.

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